Incomplete Humans Radio Radio creates a home for vital and inclusive conversation about the most important issues and ideas. The premise is simple: recognizing our shared imperfection helps us transcend tolerance to achieve something greater: grace. It explores what it means to be human through conversations about big ideas in philosophy, religion, science, and culture. Featuring interviews with leading thinkers, writers, artists, and activists as well as reflections on books and ideas, it advances humane conversation in a world where dehumanizing our opponents has become the norm of public discourse. Recognizing our incompleteness in the shared project that is our humanity, it offers insight, reflection, and civility as a path forward, and embraces complexity and uncertainty as essential parts of creating an inclusive future. To support and subscribe, you can use my Patreon page. More subscription options are coming soon.

The radio show is part of The Incomplete Humans Project, which uses art, ideas, and technology to inspire an inclusive future for a species in transition. Active projects include a documentary film and a television show with a New York filmmaker and producer. 


We are born for love. Destined for memory we live forgetting. We are the sleep-walking race.

Love awakens us to ourselves, startles us into the world.

The shape of our love becomes the shape of our life. Philosophy names the wisdom-shaped life. The wisdom-shaped life, full humanity, nothing left behind, life well lived. Happiness.

Wisdom is what we need, not what we have. We are incomplete humans, walking a path, searching for a way of life self-ward bound, exile-ending. A way home.

Philosophy starts in pathlessness, confusion, wonder. It begins where certainty ends. You find yourself only when you know you're lost. We are all lost.

The journey home begins as soon as we know it must.

Philosophy is a way of life, the way called human.