Samuel Loncar, Ph.D. (Yale University) is helping heal the divide between mind and matter that has sundered wisdom and spirituality from science and technology. A philosopher and scholar of religion, poet, and writer, he works at the intersection of the ancient and the modern. He has taught at Yale university and offers workshops, consultations, and classes on philosophy, religion, and technology. As the Editor and Publisher of the Marginalia Review of Books and the Founder of the Lyceum, he blends scholarly and creative concerns and helps people ask and answer life’s largest questions.

Born in Athens, Greece, his ancestors’ diverse origins give him global roots: in Okinawa, Japan, among the Chippewa (or Ojibwe) people, and in Eastern Europe, and motivate his mission to unite tradition and innovation. 

His writing has been read at Google, taught in classes and universities across the world, and translated into Chinese and Farsi. As a consultant and speaker, his client list includes the United Nations, Oliver Wyman, and Redbull Arts. As a scholar, he focuses on German Idealism, the history of philosophy and theology, and freedom, reason, and science.