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Becoming Human: Origins | How Philosophy Remade Science and Religion

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Becoming Human: Origins tells the story of how an atheistic revolution in philosophy, beginning with Socrates and Jesus, remade religion and science, and set the stage for our post-human age. It argues that the dominant story of reason, science, and religion is a modern myth, and must be replaced if we are to make real progress.

The series begins by showing Socrates was a revolutionary religious martyr and ends with the death of God and Reason, revealing the common connection between Protestant Christianity, the Enlightenment, Marxism, and Science. These movements are perceived as radically contradictory, but the source of their conflict is their common ancestry: they are all part of a single atheistic narrative—one that has never been told.


Ep. 1: Religious Atheists: Philosophy's Untold Story

Ep.2: The Myth of Secular Philosophy: Socrates as a Religious Martyr

Ep. 3: Jesus the Philosopher? A Jewish Revolution

Ep. 4: Magicians and Philosophers: From Empedocles to Jesus

Ep. 5: A Murderous Logic: Antisemitism, Christianity, and Ancient Philosophy

Ep. 6: The Atheist Revolution That Changed the World

Ep. 7: The Birth of the Modern World: Protestantism and Atheism

Ep. 8: The Triumph of Reason

Ep. 9: Science as Salvation and the Death of Reason

Ep. 10: Revolution after the Death of God

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