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The Soul, The World, and The Gods: Introduction to Philosophy

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This 3-lecture “crash course” is a rich and concise introduction to philosophical psychology, cosmology, and theology.

This series explores how the soul is connected to the cosmos and how our view of the universe shapes our concept and care of the environment, offering my response to one of our most pressing concerns: How do we sustain the proper care of earth and our own species?

The course begins by asking these three questions: What is the world? Where did the world come from? and Where is the world going to?

The answers to these questions become the foundation for thinking about the soul (what is it?) and how the is soul connected to the earth. In the final episode, I explore how the world and the soul are essential for understanding our mind's current relationship to what is surpassingly beyond us, and I'm excited for you to join me in this friendly exploration of the cosmos, the soul, and the divine.

Ⓒ The Soul, The World, and the Gods is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used without permission.

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