I am a PhD Candidate at Yale University and the Editor-in-Chief of the Marginalia Review of Books. My first book is on Martin Heidegger and the relationship of philosophy, religion, and science. 

As a philosopher and scholar of religion, my work focuses on  philosophy, religion, and ideas of science, metaphysics, and secularity. I use history and theory to illumine contemporary concerns, like the relationship of science and religion, and to to help people realize that philosophy is a way of life that concerns all humans, and that it has deep connections with religion. Understanding both helps us build a more tolerant and meaningful world. 

My interests in philosophy and religion started in childhood. I was born in Athens, Greece. My ancestry roots me in Okinawa, Japan, among the Chippewa (or Ojibwe) people, and in Eastern Europe (Poland and Croatia). I grew up between many worlds, traveling and seeing different cultures and religions. My diverse family, perpetual movement, and religious experience led me to the ultimate questions, and I started on the path of philosophy when I read Plato at 14. An afternoon of reading led to a lifetime of learning and opportunities I never imagined.

My writing has been taught at places like Boston University as well as Yale, and some of it has been translated into Chinese. I share my work and projects on this website. Feel free to write me with questions, inquiries, or just a friendly hello. 






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