I am philosopher and scholar of religion, a Ph.D. Candidate at Yale University, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Marginalia Review of Books

I have published a number of peer-reviewed and popular articles and recently completed my first book, The Myth of the Secular: Martin Heidegger, Philosophy, and Religion.  I am currently researching my second book, which explores the idea of the end of the world in philosophy and religion. My work offers a reconceptualization of the territories of religion, philosophy, science, and the secular. I specialize in modern German philosophy and religious thought, the history of philosophy and theology, and theories of religion, science, and the secular, and my teaching and research interests interests include indigenous philosophy and religion, ethics, aesthetics, political theory, and the philosophy and history of science. My systematic work aims to develop a new theory of the nature, relationship, and potential of philosophy, religion, and science in the contemporary world. 

My scholarship and writing have a personal dimension because I believe philosophy is a way of life that concerns all humans, and that this conception of philosophy builds a bridge to religion. Understanding both helps us build a more tolerant and meaningful world. 

My interests in philosophy and religion started in childhood. I was born in Athens, Greece. My ancestry roots me in Okinawa, Japan, among the Chippewa (or Ojibwe) people, and in Eastern Europe (Poland and Croatia). I grew up between many worlds, traveling and seeing different cultures and religions. My diverse family, perpetual movement, and religious experience led me to the ultimate questions, and I started on the path of philosophy when I read Plato at 14. An afternoon of reading led to a lifetime of learning and opportunities I never imagined.

My writing has been taught at places like Boston University as well as Yale, and some of it has been translated into Chinese. I share my work and projects on this website. Feel free to write me with questions, inquiries, or just a friendly hello. I run philosophy and religion courses for select groups, and also work as a consultant - for more on that side of things, check out my LinkedIn profile.






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