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Eros, Magic, and Immortality: The Myth of Diotima, Plato's Symposium

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Science, magic, and immortality all lead back to the same ancient god: Eros.

The history of revolutionary advances in humanity, the Holy Grail, and Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity can all be traced back to a single myth, the Myth of Diotima, found in Plato’s Symposium—the most literarily intricate of all Plato’s dialogues.

Diotima, the mysterious wise woman from Mantinea, reveals to Socrates the secret of immortality. Central to that ancient mystery is Eros (Love).

This three episode series on the Symposiumand the Myth of Diotima explores Socrates’ integrated vision of Eros that unifies the sensuality of the bedroom, the most rarified delights of mathematical epiphany, and the experience of mystical enlightenment.


Episode 1: Magic, Science, and Love

Episode 2: Happiness and Erotica: Why Philosophers Make the Best Lovers

Episode 3: The Dialectic of Immortality: Beauty and Its Meaning

Series Note:

This course was taught as the second series in my live, three part course: The Myths of Plato (open to Becoming Human Members only).

The first series, Plato's Allegory of the Cave: The Matrix of Your Mind, is also available for purchase and is a a prerequisite for Psy Ops: Psychological Warfare as a Global Epistemic Regime, forthcoming.

Want both courses? Use code PLATO210 and save 10% on your oder.

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